Somali lawmaker Dies in Nairobi Hospital for wounds

NAIROBI (Keydmedia) - A prominent Somali legislator has died on Saturday night in a hospital in Kenyan capital Nairobi where he has been receiving medical treatment in the past couple of days for injuries from last Wednesday’s suicide blast in the National Theatre, colleagues confirmed.
News Keydmedia Online

Mowlid Ma’ane, the deceased MP was among dozens of Somali government officials hurt in, some of them seriously in the theater suicide explosion in Mogadishu on Wednesday and he admitted to the hospital in Nairobi on Saturday for medical treatment, but died on Saturday night at Aga Khan Hospital.

“Mowlid Ma’ane May Allah mercy on him was well-known for his hard work and honestly serving for the Nation.”  A Colleague at the hospital told Keydmedia English News by phone.

Wednesday’s suicide explosion by a female attacker which its responsibility claimed by Al Shabab rebels took away the lives of more than ten people among them the country’s top sports officials. - Mogadishu, Somalia

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