Somali MP calls for war against Azania

Nairobi (Keydmedia) - Parliamentarian Hussein Mahmud Musa of the Somali Transitional Federal Government has called the international community to prevent more deadly clashes in Jubba regions by ignoring the clan administration led by Mohammed Abdi Gandi.
News Keydmedia Online

Speaking in Mogadishu the MP said the Wagosha people who are the majority in Jubba regions have been sidelined and discriminated by Somali nomad clans for so long and that they will never support any bogus administration.

“We will fight for our rights; our youth are ready to fight as in Nigeria’s Delta Region, or in East Timor or in other countries. We have our own militias who can defend their land from the invaders and anyone who is helping them”. Said Mr Hussein Bantu, who called for a war against Mohamed Abdi Gandi, an Ethiopian refugee of Somali origin.

Asked whether Mr Gandi is acting on behalf of other countries, Mr Bantu said “ We were known as peace-lovers for a long, but we are being forced to change that tone. We are ready to fight against the so called Azania and who ever is assisting him. We know that there are some individuals and countries that are helping him, without knowing the fact of these regions, but they will taste the heat”.

The MP has called for his people in Jubba regions to prepare for war and do whatever that will liberate them from the slavery system imposed by them by the nomad Somalis.

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