Somali PM is sworn for his post.

Mogadishu (Keydmedia) - Somali parliament met on Tuesday in Mogadishu and gave vote of confidence to Somali new Prime Minister, Abdi Weli Mohamed Ali, who Somali president named recently.
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443 MPs gathered parliamentary building and 437 of them ratified the new prime minister. The speaker of parliament, Sharif Hasan announced the result and told that new PM got vote of confidence.

Abdi Weli Mohamed Ali has been sworn in front of MPs. He promised will resume his work as soon as possible and will name his cabinet after consult.

Somali president Sharif Shikh Ahmed who spoke to members of parliament hopped to Abdi Weli Mohamed Ali of fulfilling his duty.

New Prime Minister vowed he will fight with Al-Qaeda and Al-shabab so Somali people to live peacefully.

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