Somali PM meets with UN delegation in Mogadishu.

Mogadishu (Keydmedia) - Somali prime minister, Abdi Weli Mohamed Ali, and foreign minister, Mohamed Abdullah Omar, have met on Thursday in Mogadishu high UN delegation led by the deputy UN envoy for Somalia Christian Manhal who arrived in Mogadishu earlier to day.
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Prime minister and the delegation discussed the consultation conference which is due to be held in Somalia in mid August. In the session, delegations from Puntiland and Galmudug administrations have being present.

After hours of meeting Somali foreign minister Mohamed Abdullah Omar and deputy UN envoy for Somalia Christian Manhal spoke jointly to media and confirmed that consultation conference will be held in Somalia August 15, 2011. The real place, where the conference will be held remained unclear.

The conference which was due to be held in Mogadishu last June was postponed after Somali political rift rose up and United nation organized conference has been hosted in Kampala, Ugandan capital, where Somali president and parliamentary speaker  signed a  deal consists of 10 articles.

United Nations will ease the facilities of the consultation conference and is thought to under way four days, some regional administrations, Ahlusunna and Somali transitional federal government will attend.

The outgoing Somali cabinet announced two months ago that consultation conference which multiple sides will attend will be hosted in Mogadishu mid June, but something exchanged.

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