Somali President nominates a new Central Bank Governor

Mogadishu (KON) - A presidential decree obtained by Hiiraan Online states that Mr. Abdisalam Omer was nominated as the new governor of the Central Bank of Somalia.
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The Central Bank of Somalia has not functioned properly since the collapse of Siad Barre’s government in early 1991. There is a huge task ahead of Mr. Omer who is an economist with 30 years experience in economic governance, financial and strategic planning, and public sector reform.

The new Central Bank Governor told HOL he is confident that he will rebuild and revive the Somali Banking Institution which is the basis of the economic growth of the country. Mr. Omer, a graduate of the prestigious Boston College and a PhD holder in economics is a former Deputy Chief Financial Officer/Budget Director for the District of Columbia Government and had managed $6 billion dollar operating budget and $2 billion capital budget annually.

Currently, Mr. Omer is in Washington DC to meet the World Bank officials and other international organizations.

Source: Hiraan Online

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