Somali president pardons everyone abandons piracy

DUBAI (Keydmedia) - The president of Somalia Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, says he is ready to offer forgiveness to everyone who decides to abandon piracy off Somalia coast, a report that in respect to the Somalia independence celebration days, Keydmedia reports.
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Speaking at Dubai piracy conference, Somali president said that his government assures that it will create a job project for anybody who leaves behind piracy activities on his own pronouncement.

President Sharif said that the amnesty only stands from 26th June, 2012 to 1st July of this year. Mr. Ahmed made the announcement just before he leaves Mogadishu for the United Arab of Emirates to attend a major conference on Somali piracy with officials from more than 40 nations, along with representatives from UN agencies and executives from dozens of maritime industry companies.

A statement issued at the end of the two-day counter-piracy event Thursday called for a “comprehensive approach” against pirates that includes national governments, international organizations and the global maritime industry., Somalia

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