Somali Prime Minister calls for immediate ceasefire in Hiiraan province

MOGADISHU (KON) - On behalf of the Federal Government of Somalia, PM Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed today expressed deep sadness over the clan clashes that have taken place in Defow village, on the outskirts of Beledweyne in the Hiiraan region and called on the parties in conflict to commence an immediate ceasefire and resolve the conflict through dialogue instead.
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Somali Prime Minister calls for immediate ceasefire in Hiiraan province

Prime Minister Ahmed held an emergency meeting with the Cabinet Committee on Inclusive Politics and National Security to discuss the developing issue today. The Prime Minister and the Cabinet Committees condemned the clashes between the clans during the holy month of Ramadan and called on each side to consider the cost of warfare on their communities.

At the end of the meeting it was decided that a ministerial level delegation will be dispatched to the area to implement the ceasefire, begin reconciliation between the conflicting parties by addressing the root causes of this conflict and assess the humanitarian situation in the area.

H.E. Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed said of the conflict:

“It is truly painful for all of us to hear about the bloody clashes that have taken place between brotherly clans in Hiiraan. Today I met with the Cabinet Committees on Inclusive Politics and National Security and we have agreed to immediately send a ministerial delegation to the area to facilitate dialogue and reconciliation.

 “I am calling on my brothers in Hiiraan to consider the harm in resorting to violence to resolve differences. Dialogue is the only way to handle the conflict in the region and we would like to remind them that loss of life in bloody conflict is never a solution.

 “This blessed month of Ramadan is a time of worship and forgiveness and it saddens me to hear of the loss of life and mayhem that has resulted from this conflict. Let us remember that it is in our collective interest to talk to one another and resolve our differences. The Federal Government of Somalia will spare no effort to facilitate a peaceful resolution to this conflict and is urging both parties to cooperate fully with the reconciliation efforts.”

The Prime Minister calls on humanitarian organisations to urgently provide any assistance needed to those affected by the conflict.

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