Somali prime minister is expected to resign soon

MOGADISHU ( close to the Somali prime minister Omar A/Rashid Ali Sharma’arle indicated that he is expected to resign coming hours.
News Keydmedia Online

The prime minister of the transitional federal government Omar A/Rashid and Sharif Hassan Sh.Adam, speaker of the parliament agreed with not to ask the cabinet ministers vote of confidence and no motion in the parliament session  and leave the office through resignation, reports said.

President Sharif Sh. Ahmed is satisfied with parliamentarians’ decision of refusing vote of confidence to the government headed by Sharma’arke, the prime minister or not, sources said.

The Prime Minister Sharma’arke told AFP yesterday that his government will remove Al-shabab from all regions which the Islamist militias control right now, but the resignation was said to be early planned one.

Somali president Sharif Sh. Ahmed and his prime minister disputed about the new constitution issued by the independent committee as the rifts went into alarming stage and the international community called for them to ease the situation and understand each other. follows these development second by second and will promise visitors to display as soon as we find the news quickly.




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