Somali prime minister resigns

MOGADISHU ( prime minister of Somali transitional federal government Omar A/Rashid Ali Sharma’arke has resigned today on Tuesday after long unsolved dispute between him and the president Sheikh Sharif Sh. Ahmed.
News Keydmedia Online

The Prime Minister Omar A/Rashid had meetings with president Sharif, some of the parliamentarians, and ministers at the presidential palace, Vila-Somalia and held press conference in which he had said that he decided to leave office for what he called the interest of Somali people.

President Sharif Sh. Ahmed welcomed Sharma’ake’s resignation and pointed that it was courageous action which the prime minister has taken into the right side by thanking all figures who took part the completing conflicts between him and the prime minister.

The president told reporters that he would name a new prime minister quickly.

The Prime Minister Sharma’ake’s resignation at moment isnot clear although there was misunderstanding between him and president Sharif about the new constitution , but it is said to be pressures from the international community who satisfied him to leave office as the rifts among top officials worsened latest times.

Shama’ake is not the first prime Minster to leave office duty political conflict between the presidents of the TFG’s, earlier Ali Mohamed Gedi did the same in 2007 and no one could forecast what his resignation might change from the situation of Somalia  where fighting between Islamist militias and the government backed by the African union peacekeeping forces continues daily.


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