Somalia: NISA employees complain about unpaid salaries

For the past four years, the spy agency has been the flashpoint of the crisis in Somalia as its boss maintains close ties with Qatar.

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Somalia: NISA employees complain about unpaid salaries

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The undercover agents working for Somalia's National Security and Intelligence Agency [NISA] are unpaid for several months,  it has now emerged as the country faces a potent security threat from Al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda ally.

Credible sources disclosed to Keydmedia Online that some of the NISA staff received half of their payment while the officers in the team that is protecting the chief of the intelligence agency Fahad Yasin are disappointed and feel hopeless.

They share the lack of salaries with other civil servants who are missing their rights of June, July, and August. The government is yet to comment on the complaints of its workers.

The notorious NISA boss is set to resign as he is preparing to run for a parliamentary seat in the coming Lower House election which is marred by a dispute over the process.

Yasin wants to unseat Farah Abdikadir, a powerful lawmaker who served as justice minister in the past government led by Hassan Sheikh Mohamud between 2012-2016.

The spy head is considered the most controversial figure in the government since the election of Farmajo in February 2017. He has been widely accused of misusing the office of intelligence.

Senior officials close to Farmajo, including Fahad Yasin are all seeking to join the next parliament in order to avoid being held accountable for the crimes they committed against the people and opposition. 

The outgoing government has previously boasted of paying the monthly salaries of all civil servants, however, the emerged outcry has led to widespread looting of the public asset.


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