Somalia PM appoints election security team amid dispute

The decision comes amid calls by the opposition to replace disputed electoral officials in the poll committees. 

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Somalia PM appoints election security team amid dispute

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The prime minister of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble has unveiled a five-member national election security team on Sunday night as opposition calls for a transparent electoral process.

The committee members:

1 - PM Roble - Chair

2 - Somali police chief

3 - AU police chief

4 - Mogadishu police chief

5 - Federal States' police chiefs

The team is expected to work on the security plans for the polling stations two electoral districts in each of the five regional states in Somalia, and the capital city, Mogadishu.

The indirect parliamentary and presidential elections are set to take place next month as the country is facing many unresolved challenges that could lead to a third delay in the vote.

One of the main existing challenges includes the vetting process of the electoral bodies after PM failed to eject 33 members accused of being intelligence agents and civil servants who were part of the 67 member-list submitted by the opposition presidential candidates.


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Warar 24 July 2021 15:48

Duqeymaha waxay u diidayaan Al-Shabaab inay hesho fursad ay isku abaabusho, oo ay ku qorsheyso weeraro, kuna tababarto dagaalyahanno cusub, dhanka kale, Mareykanka ayaa duqeymihii uu Soomaaliya ka geystay sanadihii lasoo dhaafay ku laayay shacab badan oo rayid ah.