Somalia sees drop in COVID-19 cases

The country health ministry officials announced a drop in COVID-19 cases per day during the past few weeks.

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Somalia sees drop in COVID-19 cases

MOGADISHU, Somalia - In the past weeks, Somalia has seen a decrease in the COVID-19 cases, thanks to the hot weather during the summer and the younger age of the population.

UN estimates 75% of Somalia's population is below the age of 30. This makes the country more resilient to the pandemic which claimed the lives of 1,000 people since early last year.

Dr. Mohamed Mohamud Fuje, an adviser to the Ministry of Health on communicable diseases said there are still concerns due to the lack of public awareness on how to prevent the virus.

Dr. Yasin Ahmed, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Somalia said the drop does not mean the end of COVID and called on the public to be extra vigilant.

Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Guled in Mogadishu has attributed this to climate change, citing a recent study that showed a strong link between the virus and climate change in the summertime.

The Health Ministry stopped recording and announcing the Covid-19 cases on October 10 after the public ignored the risk of the virus and health guidelines, including facemask.


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