Somalia Senate votes for new speaker

The election will pave the way for the election of the Lower House which will take place on Wednesday, April 27.

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Somalia Senate votes for new speaker

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The senators of the 11th parliament are electing a Speaker and his two deputies in an ongoing election at Afisyoni in the vicinity of Mogadishu airport.

Three candidates - Abdi Hashi who has served as the first Senate speaker, outgoing information minister Osman Dubbe and constitutional minister Salah Jama are contesting for the post.

The election means that in a few hours' time the Upper House will have a permanent Speaker to begin the sessions and activities as the country is heading to the presidential vote.

The security of the venue was tightened after a mortar attack on the swearing-in of the new MPs on April 14. The raid shows how Villa Somalia's attempting to disrupt the election.

The 54-seat Senate was created in 2016 to represent the interests of the Federal States in the government. Both houses - 329 lawmakers will elect a new president in a joint session.


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