Somalia a future threat says Interpol chief

Mogadishu (Keydmedia)The Secretary-General of Interpol, Ronald K Noble, has warned the international community that dysfunctional countries in Africa, such as Somalia, will be major breeding grounds for global terrorism in a decade or so, even surpassing Afghanistan.
News Keydmedia Online

Noble was speaking to the Associated Press while attending a security conference in Brussels when he said Somalia would be ‘the Afghanistan’ of the world in the next ten years.

The country on the east coast of Africa has been without a functioning government for over twenty years and is currently in the midst of an insurgent rebelling that the African Union is attempting to bring under control.

Due to the lack of central government authority, Al-Qaida-linked terrorist cells like Al-Shabab have grown and many Somalis have reportedly received extensive training in terrorist hideouts in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Al-Shabab was responsible for a devastating terrorist attack in the Ugandan capital during the FIFA World Cup that killed 76 people, the attacked occurred while people were watching a football match on outdoor screens.

Uganda is one of the leading countries contributing troops to the AU mission in Somalia.


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