Somalia welcomes Atom’s Rejection of Al-Shabaab

Mogadishu, 07 June 2014: On behalf of H.E. President Hassan Sheik Mohamud, the Prime Minister, H.E. Abdiweli Sheik Ahmed and the Federal Government of Somalia, the Ministry of Information commends Sheikh Mohamed Said Atom’s rejection of al-Shabaab, and hopes his brave step inspires others to follow his example and embrace peace and unity.
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Somalia welcomes Atom’s Rejection of Al-Shabaab

Sheik Atom has exposed the reality of al-Shabaab: un-Islamic and un-Somali, the puppets of foreign masters and riven by internal feuds. The insight he gives into the hellish reality of life under al-Shabaab completely contradicts the myths they spread in the media and he has the gratitude of Somalis everywhere for exposing their lies.

Their blocking of aid agencies from Somalis in desperate need is a crime against humanity and Sheik Atom’s description of Al-Shabaab says it all “They have no regard to general public who are in grave difficulties; such as displaced people whom they starve by blocking the relief assistance from generous Muslims and non-Muslims” said Sheikh Atom.

The Federal Government of Somalia has consistently offered members of al-Shabaab who have realised the error of their ways and who renounce violence the opportunity to reintegrate with Somali society and guarantees their safety.

As Sheik Atom says we can solve our differences through peaceful means, “I would like to declare that as of today I have decided to resolve my religious and political persuasion through peaceful means and understanding.” Sheikh Atom concluded. 

ENDS, Ministry of Informaiton 


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