Somalia’s election crisis takes on a new dimension

The country's political stakeholders have been in deadlock over the election model for several months this year and when this was resolved in Sep 17 a new debcale emerged. 

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Somalia’s election crisis takes on a new dimension

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The political crisis in Somalia led the country to fail to hold a timely and peaceful election this year with the international community losing faith in the process.

The opposition said the worst gridlock emerged after the parliamentary vote was marred by corruption and manipulation from Mohamed Farmajo, the outgoing leader at Villa Somalia.

The PM Mohamed Hussein Roble, who is a political novice faces the daunting task of resolving the mounting opposition grievances over the lack of transparency in the electoral process.

Roble sacked seven members from the election dispute resolution body on Saturday, a move that the opposition candidates welcomed as an action towards fixing the voter fraud claims.

This came after a virtual meeting Friday night between the PM, the leaders of the regional states, and opposition members which paves the way for future consultative dialogue.

The tit-for-tat and endless disputes put the country on the brink as the opposition threatened to form a caretaker government to take the lead of the election from the failed leaders.

The international partners tired of calls for an inclusive and credible election with the US, Norway, and the UK, the biggest donors set conditions for the release of funds for the ballot.

The donors say they will pay $3.7 million when the election starts one time in three out of the five regional states in Somalia, a demand that the PM's office could not meet the conditions. 

Early, the Federal Government of Somalia announced that the election costs stand at $27.2 million in which 90% expected from the donors. The country heavily relies on foreign aid.


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