Somaliland Opposition join hands in parliament to unseat Bihi

Opposition parties join hands in parliament after the ruling Kulmiye party faced a shocking defeat in May 31 election.

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Somaliland Opposition join hands in parliament to unseat Bihi

HARGEISA, Somalia - Somaliland's main opposition parties have on Sunday announced a new alliance, set to unseat the current leader Muse Bihi from Kulmiye in the 2022 presidential election.

Waddani and UCID won the majority of the seats of the 82-member parliament which gives them the power to control the legislative branch of Somaliland which means a big blow to the current president's bid for re-election.

According to the results announced by the Election Commission, the Waddani party garnered 31 seats out of 82 against the ruling party, Kulmiye's 30 seats while the UCID could bag only 21.

The May 31 parliamentary elections were held alongside local district elections. The House vote was the region's first since 2005, and politicians pointed to the exercise as evidence of political maturity and democracy.

The opposition joined hands in the House of Representatives as the constitution stipulates, 42 seats needed for a majority and as no party had received an outright majority, Waddani and UCID announced they would form a political alliance against Muse Bihi who has been in power since Dec 2017.

More than one million people, out of about four million Somaliland population, registered to vote in both parliament and local councils with the electoral body expanded the election the contested regions of Sool and Sanaag.

The parliamentary election had witnesses delays since 2005 due to a deadlock over the electoral commision. But, after pressure from the international community, the NEC agreed to hold an election in May 2021.


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