Somaliland arrests protesters.

Las'anod (Keydmedia) - The security forces in Las’anod town, regional capital of Sool region, one of Somaliland controlled regions of Somalia, have arrested on Saturday nearly 40 protesters gathered in the city to show their support of Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed
News Keydmedia Online

Eyewitness confirmed that security forces cracked down the demonstrators and jailed more than 37 demonstrators.
Some of the demonstrators who escaped the place vowed that they will continue the rallies they are supporting to Somali Prime Minister, Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed.

After Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Sharif Hasan Sheikh Adan, Somali president and parliamentary speaker have agreed in Kampala to oust Somali Prime Minister and name new one, most of Somali people in Somalia or outside of the country started protest showing their needs of the future.

No one knows the cause that Somaliland security forces cracked down the demonstrators, but this step coincided with same step taken by Somali transitional federal troops who arrested in Mogadishu students, teachers, teenagers, and women who protested in Mogadishu and journalists covering the demonstrations.

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