Somaliland: Ethiopian Border Guards have Shot 2 Somaliland Custom Agents

Hargeysa (KON) - Ethiopian Border Guards have shot and injured two Somaliland policemen based in the border town of Wajaale who had earlier today unsuspectingly strayed into the Ethiopian side of the border.
News Keydmedia Online

It has been reported that the Ethiopians borders guards fired upon the two Somaliland policemen after they mistook a car they were driving to be of would smugglers contraband goods into that country.

The injured policemen and a third who was riding in the same vehicle but escaped unhurt were seconded to the Wajaale customs office were on a routine patrol tracking would be smugglers, when themselves were mistakenly thought be smugglers by the Ethiopians borders guards who are known for their zero tolerance for anyone who deals in trafficking contraband goods into that country.

One of the injured policemen Mr. Hussein Dahir stained injures below his Knee while the other Mr. Abdirashid Mohamed Mahmoud had a bullet lodged into his thigh area.

The Vehicle which the injured policemen were travelling was impounded by the Ethiopian border guards but the after consulting with Somaliland authorities the injured policemen were released and they are currently undergoing medical treatment at Gabeliy general hospital.

The incident at the Wajaale border is the first of its kind and the matter is currently under investigation.

Source: Somalilandpress

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