Some Minn. Somalis close Wells Fargo accounts

MINNEAPOLIS — Some Somalis in Minnesota have closed their bank accounts, saying Wells Fargo has been unwilling to work with the community in facilitating wire transfers to Somalia.
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About 100 Somalis rallied Friday at a Wells Fargo branch in Minneapolis’ midtown neighborhood. Some then closed their accounts.

Last month, more than a dozen Somali money transfer businesses stopped sending money to Somalia because another bank that had been making the transfers stopped doing it, fearing it might inadvertently violate anti-terror regulations.

Wells Fargo stopped working with hawalas years ago, but protesters say the bank has an opportunity to be a leader and begin helping again.

A Wells Fargo spokeswoman tells WCCO radio the bank hates to see customers leave, and a leadership team will meet with Somali community members next week.

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Source: AP

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