South African gangs burn to death a Somali citizen

CAPE TOWN (Keydmedia)- Reports reaching us from South Africa say that a Somalia youth was today set ablaze by a gang of black South Africans, Keydmedia reports.
News Keydmedia Online

Sayid Omar Mohamed confirmed to Keydmedia English News by phone from Cape Town that three young Somali businessmen were ambushed overnight in their shopping mall by a gang of black South Africans.

Two of the Somali youth managed to escape while the third one was captured, poured on his boday with petrol and then was set ablaze by the armed gangs that led him to death.

Abdullah Mohamed, the victim died on the spot instantly. Sayid Omar noted that after the incident, the South African police arrived at the scene to carry out some investigations but so far they have not arrested anybody and are yet to give their report on the issue.

There are many Somali imigrants who live in South Africa after fleeing from their home country due to the insecurity and political turbulence for more than 20-years.

These Somali refugees and business people face constant xenophobic attacks from the black South African gangs. - Nairobi, Kenya

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