Spokesman of Hawiye elders call for Humanitarian agencies to help Somalis in trouble

MOGADISHU(Keydmedia.net)-spokesman for Hawiye clan elders Ahmed Diriye Ali called for humanitarian agencies to aid to Somali poor people who are in trouble now.
News Keydmedia Online

Speaking to the journalist in Mogadishu, Ahmed Diriye Ali told that warring parts should stop that are not based on religion affairs but political one and support internally displaced people who are in  outskirts of Mogadishu.   

Somali people are in need of humanitarian aid and he also said that Zanzibar refugees in Mogadishu should be helped, Ahmed said.

The statement of the spokesman comes as there are problems which have people who fled from the capital of Mogadishu that turned into war zone and international humintarian aid agencies were given warning that they couldnot any aid in Somalia by Al-shabab

On the other hand, droughts and storms hit in lower Shabele which effected farms and livestock as rain falls delayed, eye witness said.


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