Tension in Kismayo after top SNA officer assassinated

The security forces of Jubaland state are reported to have shot and killed the soldier who murdered the army colonel in the city.

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Tension in Kismayo after top SNA officer assassinated

KISMAYO, Somalia - The situation in Kismayo, a key port city in southern Somalia has been tense on Tuesday following the assassination of a senior long-serving military officer.

Col. Mohamed Bulle from the 43rd Somali National Army [SNA] was gunned down at Dal'ada village with reports that his murder was caused by a land dispute between the officer and the killer.

The incident sparked tension after the security forces shot dead the murderer on the spot. Bulle is said to have grabbed the land and declined to return it to its owner which finally led to the shooting.

There were attempts to convince the SNA commander to vacate the slum and allow the landlord to manage it. There are reports of other casualties on civilians, but the number remained unclear.

The slain officer, who was well known in Kismayo City, had previously participated in battles between the National Army and Al-Shabaab in the Lower Jubba region, south of the country.

Kismayo has been under Ahmed Madobe, a former Al-Shabaab commander who turned into the president of Jubaland in 2013. Madobe is a key ally of Kenya which protects his administration. 


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