Tension rises high at the NISA HQs amid power struggle

Heavily armed rival forces were spotted around the NISA HQs on Wednesday morning amid reports of attempt by new security minister to arrive there.

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Tension rises high at the NISA HQs amid power struggle

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The atmosphere at the NISA headquarters has changed into tension on Wednesday morning after troops from the PM's office arrived in the area, sources said.

This comes amid ongoing attempts by the newly appointed Somali security minister Abdullahi Mohamed Nur to help Gen Bashir Gobe take the office as NISA head serving on an acting basis.

The Farmajo-appointed NISA chief Yasin Farey is inside the compound under the protection of Eritrean-trained forces known as Duufaan [hurricane], who are taking orders from Fahad Yasin.

Bashir Goobe was set to assume power earlier this week but failed after Yasin's forces denied the soldiers guarding the new spy boss access to the Habar-Khadija building, leading a battle. 

Sources tell Keydmedia Online that the ousted NISA head, Fahad Yasin's team terminated Ikran Tahlil's personal in NISA data to destroy evidence amid an ongoing probe into her death.

Tahlil was kidnapped last June 26 from her house at NISA HQs months after returning from London. NISA announced she was killed by Al-Shabaab without providing proof to back the claim.

The case of the disappeared Intelligence official has sparked a fallout between Somali PM Roble and the outgoing president Mohamed Farmajo amid growing calls for justice for the victim. 

Farmajo was accused of being the main obstacle to the investigation by the military court as he appoints a parallel commission for the case in what many see as a tactic to delay the justice.  


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