TFG forces loot Amal money transfer

Mogadishu (keydmedia) Somali transitional federal government (TFG) forces have robbed on Saturday morning Amal money transfer’s section of Hamarweyne district in Banadir region.
News Keydmedia Online

Eyewitness confirmed to Keydmedia network that well armed troops who dressed in Somali military uniform entered the building of the company and took uncountable money, the administration of the company has not commented yet the taken money and its amount.

Somalia is leading the list of the failed states. Robbery is normal, but last prime minister’s era no soldier braved to loot the people because of regular salary.  
Some analysts say that instability is on the verge of returning to the capital, after the resignation of former prime minister.

Meanwhile, the Gedo region’s administration of pro-government armed group, Ahlusunna in threatened to aid agencies after they accused them off refusing to take the order of the administration.

One of the officials of the administration said that they will punish the officials of the aid agencies if they don’t consulate with the administration while they want to help the needed people in the region.

He underlined that the administration learned local and international NGOs in the region agreed corruption and failed to feed drought and war victims.

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