TFG imposes curfew in Beled Hawo town

Beled Hawo (Keydmedia) - After Al-shabab militant and Somali transitional federal government military fought in Beled Hawo town, Gedo region in southern Somalia, government and Ahlusuna administrations in the region imposed curfew to the town so as to avoid further instability.
News Keydmedia Online

The officials of the region said that the curfew will continue till the security of the town is stored. The imposing of the curfew came after Al-shabab fighters on Friday night shelled the town.

Meanwhile, the situation of the town where fierce fighting between Al-shabab and TFG forces with Ahlusuna fighters happened on Saturday is clam today. Yesterday’s fighting left four people dead and many more injured.

Gedo region hosted this year the heaviest fighting in recent history after Somali transitional federal government vowed to drive Al-shabab out Somali territory.

Al-shabab militant and Somali transitional federal government military forces fought many times in the region this year. The government advanced more residents where the militants used to control before this year’s struggle.

The clashes in Gedo region forced many people in residents to flee from their homes and took refuge in various places, some of them neighboring countries.