TFG minister: A Private mercenary firm trains Somalis to scuttle pirates

NAIROBI, Kenya (Keydmedia)- Abdisamad Moalin Mohamud, the interior and national security Minster for the Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG), said on Friday that his government has reached a preliminary agreement with a UK private mercenary security firms to train and fund a paramilitary force to battle pirates in the region that have threatened international shipping.
News Keydmedia Online

“We have been in dialogue and preface accord with this privately owned mercenary firm belonging to former British marine forces to train new Somali anti-piracy naval troops to bring some security on the waters off Somali coast,” said Mohamud.

It is unclear the donors who are due to pay for the services of this mercenary firm, but sources say it is likely the governments who sent off Somalia coasts Anti-piracy Special forces marines to pay the funds of this project.

Somali parliament is due to voice concern over the agreement reached by TFG and the mercenary firm which is to train Anti-piracy marine forces off the war-torn horn of Africa country.

Until now, most international assistance to Somalia has been to the TFG based in Mogadishu through the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), with troops provided by African armies. AMISOM’s mission is focused on stability operations and protecting Mogadishu from the Al Qaeda-linked insurgent group, Al-Shabab. - Nairobi, Kenya

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