The election won’t stop, FEIT chair tells opposition

The opposition presidential candidates have called for the suspension of the election over fraud and lack of transparency in the whole process. 

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The election won’t stop, FEIT chair tells opposition

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The Federal Electoral Implementation Team (FEIT) chair Mohamed Hassan Irro has ruled out plans to suspend the ongoing Lower House election in Somalia.

Irro said any irregularities in the indirect ballot will be corrected and FEIT is looking at all disputed seats, including one occupied by acting Somalia's Intelligence chief Yasin Farey.

The chairman, who is a close ally of Farmajo said that the election of the House will not be suspended, but will be checked for any seat that does not go through the formal process.

His remarks come as FEIT nullified the election of HOP#103, which was filed by the former house speaker Jawari and the HOP154 seat won by Mohamed Abdalla in Baidoa city.

There have been many complaints about the recent parliamentary elections in Dhusamareb and Baidoa, with some candidates blocked from the race for being Farmajo's critics. 

The Union of Presidential Candidates who are holding talks in Mogadishu calling for a halt to the election which they said not going through the agreed process and lacks credibility. 

The country has been in a poll crisis for almost a year due to Farmajo's failure in preparing Somalia for a peaceful and timely election at the end of his 4-year tenure in Feb 2021.


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