The Saga of Egypt Continues - An Analysis for the Shuttle Diplomacy

Cairo (Keydmedia) - There were other stories developing over the week with significant interest to our Somali readers that I wanted to cover, but the pulse of Egypt's crisis has proven irresistible to sway my basic assignments for Keydmedia at the end of my regular work shift.
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As of now, we expect lots of quiet diplomatic negotiations between the Mubarak camp and the opposition groups. We can safely assume that the United States is playing a crucial role in facilitating these negotiations over the coming days.

However, the demonstrations will probably continue with a degree of intensity in some places and with sporadic occurrence in other places. But given the international pressure on the regime to prevent violence on peaceful demonstrators, no one can rule out the possibility of clashes between large numbers of groups as it was the case in both Wednesday and Thursday.

The terms of negotiation had not surfaced at this stage, but according to credible reports, Keydmedia learned that some of the opposition groups were reached out, including the camp of Mohamed ElBaradie and the leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood. Lots of questions stand out in what

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