U.S. airstrike on Somalia kills 5 Al-Shabaab members

Five people believed to be al-Shabaab members, including one leader, were killed in a joint U.S.-Somali airstrike in the vicinity of Saaxa Weyne, Somalia, Thursday.

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U.S. airstrike on Somalia kills 5 Al-Shabaab members

According to U.S. Africa Command, no civilians were injured or killed as a result of the operation.

"This strike targeted known al-Shabaab leaders who facilitated finance, weapons, fighters, and explosives. One is suspected of being involved in a previous attack against U.S. and Somali forces," said U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Dagvin Anderson, Joint Task Force - Quartz commander. "Our continued disruption of al-Shabaab through persistent strikes shows our ongoing commitment to our partners."

Last week two airstrikes killed three members of the extremist group and destroyed six buildings in their compound.

In December President Donald Trump ordered the removal of about 800 troops from Somalia, a move expected to be complete when President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated later this month.

At the end of December the USS Nimitz Strike Group pulled into position near Somalia last week to protect the troop withdrawal.

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