UN Security Council to hold a meeting on Somalia

The AU and UN envoys will brief the UN security council on the situation in the country. 

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UN Security Council to hold a meeting on Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The UN Security Council will meet today to discuss Somalia's electoral and humanitarian crisis after the leaders in the East African country began talks in the capital last Saturday. 

The UN's mission in Mogadishu [UNSOM] has announced that the Special Representative for Somalia, James Swan, and the AU envoy Francisco Madeira will brief the Council on the latest developments.

The UNSC meeting comes as Somali PM Mohamed Hussein Roble is holding crucial election talks in Mogadishu with five regional leaders for the fourth consecutive day in the latest attempt to iron out the deadlock over the poll process.

The UN and AU are the main partners of Somalia in the security and state-building efforts in the country with AMISOM forces helping the SNA in the fight against Al-Shabaab and avert attacks, particularly in Mogadishu, but also in several regions.

Somalia is witnessing numerous challenges, including the threat of Al-Shabaab to national security as well as a political and humanitarian crisis that could take more years to fix.


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