UNPOS holds historic meeting on Jubba regions

A crucial meeting on Jubba regions in southern Somalia has been held in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. The meeting was organised by the UN Political Office for Somalia in a bid to asses the real situation in Jubba regions, and future plans of forming legal and all inclusive regional administration.
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Among the groups attended the meeting were Wagosha Movement of Somalia, Jubba Salvation alliance, and representatives of self declared Jubbaland administrations, including so called Azania state led by Ethiopian refugee, Mohamed Abdi Mohamed alias Gandi.

“the stand of the indigenous and the genuine residents of Jubbaland is clear, and the only thing we want is to form all inclusive regional state for genuine Jubbaland people. So that we will not accept any hoax administration , like the so called Azania formed by Ogadenis from Ethiopia,” Mberwa Muya Mberwa, an executive member of Wagosha Movement of Somalia said, as he spoke directly to Mohamed Abdi Gandi, who was present at the meeting.

Mr Mberwa asked how come an Ogadeni from Ethiopia was daring to involve in Somalia politics, while Somalis from Somalia do not have such rights when they go to Ethiopia or Kenya.

He warned Mohamed Abdi Gandi and his allies that Jubbaland residents will fight against them if they try to set a foot in these regions.

The indigenous people of Jubbaland have reiterated their full support of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, led by President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, and asked the government to take control of all forces currently operating in the region.

Speaking at the meeting Mohamed Abdi Gandi said that he does not recognize the Somali government, adding that he is the legitimate leader of Jubbaland.

But the UN officials rebuffed his claims and ordered him to bring his traditional elders at another meeting to be held in Nairobi in the coming few weeks.

The UN is planning to bring together all genuine traditional elders from Jubba regions in order to discuss the political future of their regions.

The UN move is big blow to Mohamed Gandi, because he will find it difficult to come up with any genuine elder at the upcoming meeting.

During the so called Azania conference in Nairobi backed by Kenyan Ogadeni politicians, Mohamed Abdi Gandi came with another refugee from Zone Five, Khalif Gure, whom he claimed was the head of Jubbaland traditional elders.

Chairman of Wagosha Movement of Somalia, Eng Yarow Sharif Aden has welcomed the UN initiatives toward Jubbaland regions, adding that Ambassador Augustine Mahiga, the UN special envoy to Somalia, will be remembered in the history for taking the right steps of resolving Somalia crisis.

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