US expresses concern over the political crisis in Somalia

Somali leaders failed to resolve their dispute through dialogue as the country is in a critical time, facing the threat of Al-Shabaab and election challenges.  

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US expresses concern over the political crisis in Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The US has expressed “deep concern” about the ongoing political struggle in Somalia, urging Farmajo and PM Roble “to reject violence and resume dialogue”.

The US Department of State's Bureau of African Affairs said in a statement that Washington is following the unfolding situation in Somalia, mainly the power struggle between the top leaders.

Washington has highlighted the importance of dialogue to end the rivalry and work together, focusing on completing the electoral process and moving the country out of the transitional period.

The United States described the fallout between Farmajo and the PM as "unfortunate" that could undermine Somalia's efforts to recover from the conflict and hold peaceful polls this year.

The deadlock would give Al-Shabaab and ISIS groups fighting in Somalia a chance to expand their territorial presence and sabotage the hardly-gained progress in security and state-building.

The US statement comes two days after Farmajo whose term as president ended in February 2021 suspending the powers of PM Roble, citing unilateral hasty decisions against the law.

The foreign diplomats in Mogadishu voiced concern about the dispute between the two leaders is that is feared to delay the electoral process and jeopardize the country's overall security.


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