US warns against further election delays in Somalia

Washington has announced last month a visa restriction for Somali leaders after undermining the election and the country's democratic process.

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US warns against further election delays in Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The US Ambassador to Somalia Larry Andre today met with Prime Minister Roble at Halane complex to discuss the upcoming parliamentary elections in the country.

Andre has shared Washington's concerns over further delay in the election that could lead new cycle of crisis and harm the country's journey towards revival after three decades of conflict and chaos.

We remain deeply worried that any further delays will further harm Somalia’s revival,' said the US embassy following the meeting between PM Roble and the ambassador. 

Meanwhile, the embassy has urged the leaders of the five Federal Member states in Somalia to speed up the process of election and complete by March 15, a deadline that faces uncertainty.

The country has elected 80% of the 275-member Lower House since last year due to the disputes that contributed to the frequent delays in the completion of the process of the indirect elections.

Early last month, the US announced visa restrictions against current or former Somali officials and others accused of undermining the democratic process in Somalia from traveling to America.

The election was due to be finished in 2021 but postponed after Farmajo's attempt to extend his four-year term by two years that led to clashes between rival SNA sides in Mogadishu. The outgoing president fell out with PM Roble over the election management.


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