US spy drone crashes in Somalia

Nairobi (Keydmedia) - An unmanned US spy drone has crashed in southeastern Somalia, near the African country's border with Kenya.
News Keydmedia Online

According to Somali military officials, the US spy plane crashed near the port city of Kismayo, as it was helping Kenyan troops monitor the port city.

Last month, Kenya dispatched soldiers over its border into Somalia and began air and ground offensives against al-Shabab fighters.

Tension has been growing between the Somali government backed by Kenyan troops and al-Shabab fighters since they engaged in fierce battle over control of towns in south Somalia.

Kenya accuses the fighters of being behind the kidnapping of several foreigners, including a French woman who later died in captivity, in its territory. Al-Shabab fighters deny the allegations.

Somalia is the sixth country, where the United States has used the aircraft to launch deadly missile strikes.

The US military has also used the drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, and Yemen.

The US government claims that the airstrikes target militants; however, most such attacks have resulted in civilian casualties.


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