Yemen: 36 killed, including Somalis in fighting with al-Qaida

SANAA, Yemen (Keydmedia) -- Yemeni officials say fresh clashes with al-Qaida fighters in the south have left at least 34 people dead, while a suspected U.S. drone strike has killed two militants.
News Keydmedia Online

The officials said Saturday that the drone attack in the central province of Bayda killed 5 Somalis and a Yemeni.

Fighters linked to Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula briefly overran parts of Bayda earlier this year.

The officials say that further south in Abyan province, fighting between Yemeni troops and al-Qaida fighters that broke out late Friday and continued into Saturday 12 soldiers and 22 al-Qaida militants.

The officials say the clashes took place some 10 kilometers (six miles) outside Jaar, a key town that has been under the control of militants since last year.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity in line with military regulations.

Source :(AP)

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