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News Keydmedia Online | 23 October 2022

Illaa hadda shan qof ayaa la sheegay inay ku dhinteen weerarka, sidoo kalena ay ku dhaawacmeen tiro badan, oo arday ay kamid yihiin. Al-Shabaab ayaa sheegatay mas'uuliyadda weerarka.

News Keydmedia Online | 23 October 2022

The security forces are currently dealing with the gunmen who stormed the hotel. There was no immediate report on the casualties resulting from the blast and the gunfire that started at noon.

News Keydmedia Online | 13 April 2022

The bomb killed two people - a pregnant woman and her son and injured a 14-year-old boy in the house on Tuesday night, according to Jubaland security ministry spokesman Jama Jofane.

News Keydmedia Online | 5 February 2022

The site of the deadly blast is a haven for Al-Shabaab, the Al-Qaeda-linked militant group which been fighting the topple of the western-backed Somali government based in Mogadishu for more than a decade.

News Keydmedia Online | 1 December 2021

Jubaland military officials told the media that the regional troops have successfully repulsed the Al-Shabaab attack and inflicted losses upon the militants who later fled from the area.

News Keydmedia Online | 1 August 2021

Last Friday, an IED struck a bus carrying a football team in Kismayo, the current seat of Jubaland, killing at least four people.