3 Somali government Soldiers killed near Jowhar city

JOWHAR (KON) - Suspected Al shabab assailants have gunned down on Sunday night at least 3 Somali government Soldiers at a checkpoint near Jowhar city, the capital of the country's southern middle Shabelle region, KON reports.
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3 Somali government Soldiers killed near Jowhar city

Reliable Sources KON got from the area suggested that mysterious men armed with pistols shot and killed the Soldiers at a point blank range on the spot and immediately disappeared from the scene to escape a capture.

No group has yet claimed credit for the shooting.

Since the start of Ramadan month, Over 15 traffic police army officers  were killed in Mogadishuand elsewhere in the country in the last few days as Al shabab militants vowed to target government forces especially traffic police on the streets of Somali Capital.

Before its capture in December, 2012, Jowhar town  which serves as a strategic crossroads of routes to the north and south of the country had been a major base for Al-Shabaab in southern Somalia, but now it is under the control of Somali and AMISOM troops.

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