A Bomb blast kills two Somalia’s Baidoa town

BAIDOA, Somalia (Keydmedia) — Witnesses say a soldier was killed and many others were wounded after a huge bomb blast was targeted at a palace in Baidoa town in southern Somalia, a former rebel stronghold captured by Somali and Ethiopian soldiers after an offensive in February.
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A suicide bomber today blew himself up in front of the Presidential palace in Baidoa, the capital of Bay region. The attacker’s target was a TFG checkpoint in the area. But before he could reach his target, he was approached by a government soldier who managed to stop him though the suicide bomber managed to detonate his explosives killing himself and the soldier instantly.

Al-Shabab rebel group tied with Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for this attack, saying its bomber killed five Somali government soldiers and three Ethiopian troops.

The blast first suicide attack in Baidoa since Somali soldiers allied with Ethiopians entered in February.

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