It was a daily routine for full combat military officers to be in the streets of the city-Mogadishu. I sometimes used to remember many cold African coups wherever these officers are seen in the streets. You will see them in some shops and kiosks fully armed with an AK47.
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We couldn’t able to establish the reason being for this daily routine of military officers from different bases in Mogadishu. When you ask you will be told” these is part of the lawlessness left-over of the dictatorial former regime.

This was so till the naming of Gen. Yussuf Inda Ade as a general in the transitional federal government of Somalia by the president. Yesterday, he abruptly caught red handed military officers selling ammunitions to some shops in Banadir junction and zoobe junctions. These officers were summoned in front of a military court, found quilt and fined between one to three years imprisonment on the same day.

This kind of positive steps needs to be appreciated since these “street” military has its own danger to the innocent public. Several have been shot by them, especially when under attack. Today, as reported I couldn’t imagine streets without combats and remembered when Somalia was once established.

Jamal - Mogadishu - Keydmedia Correspondent

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