A letter To My Elders

A poetic letter to politicians in Somalia from Yasminah Mohamed "A letter To My Elders [Somali Politicians]".
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A letter To My Elders

I will not disrespect but dishonor your methods of leadership. I will not cry, but curse your demons that yearns for power, and selfishness.

I stood by you for many sad years.

I have watched you disrupt my country, demolish my youth, and defraud my future. I have been patient, praying that your words of promises will lead me to the light, but only darkness declares my name.

Your tongue lies, your hands steal. Your heart is selfish and your mind is corrupted. You speak of unity, but eat alone. You build schools, teach with a lying tongue, only to lay on the green grass, alone.

Then you wonder,

Why a young man would risk his life to cross the Indian Ocean to seek his dreams,

Why a young girl is raped, just to become slaves for Arabs.

No jobs, no value for life. Death is spoken lightly by orphans, as they sleep on cheap plastic bags.

You, dear politician have nothing to worry about. Your child is well fed.

It took me 22 years to finally grasp the truth, acknowledge the facts. You may sleep in denial, but today I am here to wake you, my dear fathers.

Somalia doesn’t need you. It’s you, who needs Somalia.

Yasminah Mohamed
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