A militia training concluded in Baidoa

Baidoa (keydmedia) Yesterday afternoon militia training concluded to some of opposition parts that fight in Mogadishu in the capital city of Bay region Baidoa.
News Keydmedia Online

The number of the fighters was approximately hundreds of fighters with the aim of to join the fighters who are fighting in Mogadishu city.

Most of the fighters are teenagers from the schools and the streets of Baidoa city and the aim is to put them in the front line of the Mogadishu fighting so as to test the bullet’s fire. 

Previously in Baidoa many children were registered to be soldiers they died and injured in Mogadishu fighting while their parents are not aware.

Last week similarly militia training was concluded to may teenagers in Kismao and then sent to Mogadishu, and Mogadishu city seems an experiment place to the mortars and bullet fires.



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