A number of people arrested for shaving beard

MOGADISHU(Keydmedia.net) Islamis militias headed by Hassan Dahir Aweys conducted operations to collect and arrest whom they have accused of having their beard cut, eyewitness said.
News Keydmedia Online

The operation occurred in the high ways, in the civilian buses and in Bakara market of the capital, Mogadishu and at least100 people were arrested after they had been seen no having beard.

A young boy who refused his name to be used on the media told Keydmedia.net that they have threatened him to lead him to jail because of why he has his beard cut down adding that he told the Islamist youth that he had never have a beard for ever.

The leader of Mogadishu of Hisbul Islam  Hashi Mohamed Farah issued this warning the deadline was yesterday and told that he who violates the law will be punished and the deadline was yesterday.

“Men should  shave the moustache or make it short  and the beard free”, Mr  Hashi said early this year while giving speech to the local F.M station in Mogadishu, similarly he issued other warning towards radio stations that they could not present music and music programs.

Mobile tones and music rings and films were prohibited from people where the Islamist militias control and this becomes another step which is taken into the wrong side, a young man said.



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