A radio journalist gunned down in Galka’yo, central Somalia

GALKA’YO, Somalia (Keydmedia)-Unidentified gunmen have shot to death on Wednesday evening a journalist in Somalia’s central fragile town of Galka’yo, the provincial capital of Mugud state, making it the fifth journalist to be killed in Somalia this year, Keydmedia reports.
News Keydmedia Online

Witnesses said the victim, Farhan Abdulle, was approached by two masked men armed pistols while he was walking in Garsoor neighborhood after leaving his station, north Galka’yo under the control of the semi-autonomous state of Pundland.

Colleagues said Farhan Abdullahi was a reporter for independent Radio Daljir branch in Galka’yo town for over 6 and he was married with three children,

The journalist suffered 4 bullet wounds to the back and one bullet wounded in the hand, he was rushed to Galka\

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