Ahlusuna faction boycotts June conference in Mogadishu.

Dhusamareb (Keydmedia) - faction has vowed that their administration will never attend united nation sponsored conference which is wanted to be held in Mogadishu in this month so as to resolve Somali political crisis.
News Keydmedia Online

One of Ahlusunna officials, Omar Abdiqadir told to media that Mogadishu is not a good place for hosting high conference, and Ahlusunna agreed not to take part it for the sake of security.

The official said if the conference is held else where in the country, Ahlusunna will participate.

UN called Somali political leaders to gather in Mogadishu 12 June so as to discuss the future of Somalia and to decide the deadline of presentational and parliamentary speaker and how it can be held.

Ahlusuna faction is the first political party which vows not to attend the conference which is due to come an end Somali political chaise.


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