Air strikes hit a rebel-held southwestern Somalia village, 35 fighters killed

Kismayu, Somalia ( - At least 35 Al-shabab militias including top commanders have been killed in the latest aerial attacks by Kenyan fighter jets at villages near the coastal town of Badhdhe, which is just 180-Km away from Kismayu, the capital of Lower Jubba region of Somalia, residents said on Saturday.
News Keydmedia Online

The jets bombed several times on military training camps of Al-Shabaab fighters in the township of Dalayat, where some reports say the group’s top commanders have been planning a counter attacks on the town of Badhade which is currently under the control of Somali government forces allied with Kenyan army.

Witnesses told Keydmedia the jets hit a number of missiles during the air strikes, crushing down militant camps and many military equipments used by Somalia

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