Al-shabaab loots maize, threatens to its owners

Elbur ( - Al-shabaab fighters in Elbur district in Galgaduud region, central Somalia, confiscated four stores of maize and threatened the businessmen, who brought maize there to make interest.
News Keydmedia Online

Secret report Keydmedia received from residents in the district added that Al-shabaab alleged the maize was brought by WFP, world food program, which they said expelled from the  residents they controls, but the businessmen denied the allegation.

Al-shabaab leaders in Elbur swore the businessmen will be punished if they once again bring maize in the district and surrounding area.

Abdi Adde, Mahamed Osman, Abdullahi Dirir and Hasan Hashi the four businessmen whom Al-shabab looted their property have not yet say about their future business in the region.

Al-shabaab, the extremists, already rejected WFP to continue working in Somalia specially, the residents in under their control and warned its contractors.

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