Al-shabab burns vehicle carrying medicine to refugees

Garbaharey (Keydmedia) - Al-shabab guerrilla set on the fire vehicle carrying aid of medicine to refugees in southern Somalia’s Gedo region, reports from the region confirmed.
News Keydmedia Online

Eyewitness told to Keydmedia that Al-shabab fighters in the region burnt the car between Beled Hawo and Garbaharey towns, all in Gedo region.

The burnt car has traveled from Mandhera district at Somali-Kenyan border and the medicine in the car was aimed to give drought victims in the region, local aid organization provided the medicine so as to contribute to most needed people in Gedo region

His step which Al-shabab burnt the car discovers that the militant doesn’t want the development and the life of Somalis, instead, they kill, slaughter, jail, cut limps, execute and rape the honorable Somali women.

Al-shabab militant in Bay region abducted two aid workers days before in Biadabo, no one knows what compelled them to do so but, Somali analysts say that Al-shabab’s abduction of aid workers show that the insurgents are warning the aid agencies.

 Two years before, Al-shabab expelled aid agencies from southern and central Somalia, but earlier in this month has lifted the ban and declared that the group welcomes every agency which wants to help Somalis, aid agencies say they will consider to resume their work in Al-shababs strongholds.

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