Al-Shabab Training Women in Kismayo

Somalia’s Al-shabab insurgents group has started giving militia training to female recruits in Kismayo, the capital of the Lower Juba region. The total number of the female recruits is not yet known.
News Keydmedia Online

The new female recruits who are being trained at an airport ground in Kismayo will join the Shabab militia in the Juba regions. Some Kismayo residents told Bar-kulan’s reporter in the Juba regions that they have seen the women dressed in Al-shabab’s militia uniform walking between Alalnley estate and the air port ground.

Al-shabab’s most senior official in Kismayo, Hasan Yakub Ali is reported to have said the women will under go a two month training in Shabab’s militia camp near the airport.

Traditionally, women hardly acquire military training in Somalia and this has surprised many Kismayo residents as they fear the impact it may have if the women participate in the fighting between Al-shabab and its opposers in Somalia.

Source: Agencies

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