Al shabab spokesman confirms fall of their last bases to Somali, AU forces

MOGADISHU, Somalia (Keydmedia) - The spokesman of the defeated Al shabab rebels Sheik Ali Mohamud Rageh, confirmed the lose of their last remaining strongholds in southern Somalia as a result of heavy offensives by Somali forces backed by AU and Nato troops, Keydmedia reports.
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Speaking with Andulus Radio, a pro-Al shabab local FM station, the spokesman said that 2000 fighters couldn’t defend the major war on Muslims in Somalia, claiming a series of suicide attacks and roadside bombs.

Al Shabab abandoned their last fixed bases in Afmadow town, which lies some 120 kilometers (75 miles) from the Kenyan border on Thursday afternoon before the Somali and Kenyan foot soldiers backed by tanks entered the city without much resistance.

Days after vacating Afgoye, 30 Km north-west Mogadishu, Al shabab fighters began fleeing from several key towns in south due to the increasing military pressure by TFG and the regional forces under the banner of the African Union force in Somalia, AMISOM. - Mogadishu, Somalia

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